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If you are looking for the best prices for groceries and food in Australia then you have come to the right place. is a grocery stores and supermarket comparison site that has been monitoring grocery prices for over 12 years.

We find and compare grocery prices from grocery stores and supermarkets in Australia and from these grocery prices a Product Value Index or ‘PVI’ is calculated based on the individual product price history, as well as a price comparison with similar grocery products, to reveal which product brands are not only cheap, but the best value for money.

Supermarket Comparison

Our goal is to collect grocery prices from all major supermarket chains across Australia and create a supermarket comparison in YOUR area for each product so that you can make an informed purchasing decision. With the ability to save the exact products you want in your online basket and track the changes to food prices across multiple stores, you are in control of what you spend on groceries, and where.

Coles Prices & Woolworths Prices

We now compare Coles price vs Woolworths price directly in the product list for each category as well as in all search results. This means that if a product exists in both stores you can instantly see which store has the best available food price. This makes it much easier to compare supermarket prices side by side (If the product is private label such as You’ll Love Coles, then there will only be a Coles Price. Likewise with Woolworths Select, there will only be a Woolworths price)

This Weeks Food Prices

View grocery price list for this week in Australia. (We are currently upgrading our NZ grocery product price index and expanding the range of supermarket and grocery stores that we source food prices from)

Grocery Prices

The PVI of each product grocery price means you can see at a glance which products are going to save you money at their current price point. Simply put, if a product doesn’t show that it is at it’s cheapest price historically, it may not be a good deal.

No single grocery store will be the cheapest or have the lowest grocery prices on every product you want to purchase, so we conveniently organise your favourite grocery products in order by individual store and aisle, making shopping for grocery specials simple and straight forward, so you can get on with the job at hand, which is to SAVE MONEY!

Woolworths Liquor Specials

If you are looking for Woolworths Liquor Specials or Liquorland prices, we have moved all our alcohol prices to it’s own area on our site. Here you can find up-to-date prices for tobacco and cigarette related products as well. If you are looking for Dan Murphys liquor prices (also one of the big suppliers of liquor in Australia) we are currently working on comparing these products in our system as well. Stay tuned.

Price Comparison

Product price comparison online is one of the fastest growing internet trends currently, and as yet no one has managed to take the real hard work out of the process – the supermarket comparison itself. Simply not content to only show you grocery stores and product prices side-by-side to Compare Grocery Prices yourself, take the hard work out of making an informed choice by allowing YOU the shopper to define which features you think are important in the product you are looking to buy, and does the price comparison for you!.

We compare supermarket prices for groceries within defined regions, so grocery prices from NZ are not being compared with Australia for example. Generally, a supermarket chain will have a group of stores that all have the same grocery prices for that weeks specials. We try to define our regions around the same grouping, so that you can see where the best grocery prices are in your region between each supermarket chain.

Grocery Coupons

Who needs to save grocery coupons anymore, or even go hunting through the weekly flyers that get mailed out – now you can find any product and where it is on sale at the click of a button! This is definitely the greener option, as by not needing to have grocery coupons booklets or flyers, you can keep your mailbox clear of circulars and help to save the environment.

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